- RULES - The amateur radio club YO HD ANTENA DX GRUP in Deva has the honour to offer this diploma in memory of Andrei Giurgea, YO3AC, a great promoter of amateur radio in Romania, who became a Silent Key in February 1999.

The diploma is available to all licensed amateurs worldwide (including Short Wave Listeners) presenting a log extract of two-way contacts (receptions) with 25 different DXCC entities on at least two HF bands (for example 13 entities on 80 metres and 12 entities on 40 metres, or 7 entities on 80 metres, 15 entities on 40 metres and 3 entities on 20 metres etc.), on any mode.

Applicants who had the opportunity to work (hear) YO3AC on one or several bands may obtain an additional sticker for each band where they worked (heard) Andy. The log extract must show the list of these contacts (receptions) and has to be certified with the signature of another licensed radio amateur.

All applications must contain the full name of the applicant, his call-sign and the address where he wants to receive the diploma. This is a non-profit diploma.

The application and the fee of 3 USD (representing the printing and mailing costs) must be sent to the diploma manager Adrian Voica, YO2BPZ, P.O.Box 24, 330190 Deva 1,  jud. Hunedoara, Romania.

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